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Best Room Color Scheme technique for luxury homes

 1st Step 

Choose main, or dominant, Color for your luxury homes . This Color is typically a neutral, but for your liking soft turquoise or sage green, feels free to use it!

If have no idea about where to begin with your main Color, knowing a bit about Color personality may help, or you can get idea from this article.

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2nd Step

Choose two accent colors. These can be soft or bold, cool or warm, or one of each. For this, you will want to make sure of two things.

First, that you love the colors. No matter how beautiful the Color scheme is, if you can’t imagine yourself living with these colors for years, if they don’t match your personality or type, this won’t work.

Second, balance the main Color you chose in Step 1. For example, if you chose a cool gray for your dominant Color, you may choose warm Color as one of your accents. If you prefer bold Color, you may want to keep these colors soft or neutrals..

For struggling with decision, take a look at your closet or the furniture and decor you already have. Bangladesh real estate developers will tell you either you move toward cool or warm colors, or if you really enjoy bold colors or tend toward neutrals

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3rd Step

Third layer of your Color scheme, which will be differing shades of your two accent colors.

If you’re dominant Color is on your walls, your sofa may be a lighter shade of this Color.

However, don’t limit yourself by only two different shades of your accent colors. When choosing decor pieces and fabrics for your room, this is the place to use verifying shades of your accent colors in patterns and textures. Suvastu  real estate developers in Bangladesh will give your room an amazing look. Also, even the outdoors view able through windows add further interest to a room, and lighting will modify the existing colors even further, creating a space that is ever changing throughout the day.

With all of this, you may realize your room, or even your entire home, only has three colors.

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